Charles (Charlie) White

Charlie White

On January 7, 2023, Charles (Charlie) Duncan White passed away at the age of 71. Charlie is survived by his daughter Shannon Downey and his grandchildren: Savannah Downey, Jayden Gillingham and Kaylee Gillingham. He is predeceased by his mother (Ethel Margaret White) and father (Benjamin Duncan White) and his daughter (Amanda White). In 1977, Charlie moved to Alberta where he worked as a Welder and Heavy Equipment Operator for several companies. He worked most of his career with Syncrude till he retired in 2008. He then worked for the Operating Engineers Local 955 for a few years until he began working for Suncor in 2011. He officially retired from Suncor in February 2022 due to developing health issues. Even though Charlie lived most of his life in Alberta, Newfoundland was always home to him. When vacation time arrived each year, Charlie was heading “home” to visit friends and to eat as much lobster as possible. In the last few years, he began to travel abroad to see some of the world. You never knew which country he was visiting or if he was travelling with friends or alone, either way, he was content. Charlie had many close friends who were like family to him. I wish I could name them all but there are too many to count. During his hospitalization, his phone was constantly beeping from texts or ringing with a call, and he always made time to respond to each text and answer each call. All through his recovery, he stayed upbeat about getting out and about as soon as possible. Charlie may have lived alone but by no means was he alone. He always had his family and friends who will greatly miss him. 

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